WSJを真面目に読む August 3-5, 2012





Draghi plan for Euro disappoints

The European Central Bank may soon step in to buy government bonds on the open market and consider other unconventional measures to lower “exceptionally high” borrowing costs of financially stressed euro-zone economies, ECB President Mario Draghi said Thursday.


Annan quits as special envoy to Syria, citing discord at U.N.

 Kofi Annan resigned from his role as special envoy for Syria, condemning world powers’ failure to unite over the country’s escalating violence, particularly the standoff among the U.N. Security Council’s five veto-wielding members.

              Standoff: 行き詰まり、離れて立った状態

            Veto-wielding: 拒否権を行使する


Long road ahead for tech giants

 Japan’s electronics giants aimed for a fresh start last year, shaking up their management following record losses, but announcement of dismal earnings from stalwarts Sony Corp. and Sharp Corp. on Thursday showed the firms still have a long way to go.

              Stalwart: 屈強な人、堅固な人

         GOP stalwarts: 共和党の重鎮

              industry stalwarts: 業界の大手各社


North Korea broadcasts London Olympics on TV

 North Korea is allowing five hours of daily coverage of the London Olympics to be shown on its TV network, a South Korean broad caster who arranged technical logistics for the North said.




China head for European Soccer deals: Investor group to acquire stake in Iner Milan; China Railway Construction seeks to build stadium in Italy

             Inter Milanの第二位の株主になる。条件は開示されず。

            驚いたのはAir Asiaの社長のTony Fernandesが昨年Queens Park Rangersのオーナーになったという説明があること。

An about-face on Facebook

 Fidekity Investments was an early buyer of Facebook Inc. shares. In the spring of 2011, two dozens of its funds bought more than $200 million worth of the company’s private stock. …Now, many of the Boston-based company’s fund managers are shrinking their stakes.

              About-face: 180度の方針転換


NEC Olympics as sales on pace to avoid big loss

 There have been plenty of negative hashtags assigned to NBC’s Olympic coverage on Twitter, including #NBCFails….

              Hashtag: ハッシュタグ twitterでグルーピングに使う#




WSJを真面目に読む August 1, 2012 (番外編)

KLにいます。最高気温29度。東京よりよほどしのぎやすい。交通渋滞はひどい。午後3時のアポ。都心からやや郊外へ。タクシーで、行きは40分。帰りは15分。行きは郊外へ向かい車の渋滞がひどかったからです。インドの停電のニュースを聞くとマレーシアのインフラの信頼性の高さを実感します。もうすぐ先進国入りですからね。今日もInternational Herald Tribuneからです。



Militant network frays U.S.-Pakistan ties: The Haqqina network’s attcks on U.S. troops could set off a wider conflict with Pakistan.

  Fray: 擦り減らす、ぼろぼろにする (再掲)

For 2nd Day in row, India hit by huge power loss: About half the country goes dark after grids fail, affecting 22 0f 28 states.


Social media give companies a clue on catch products: It’s amazing that we can get that kind of real feedback


Romney offends Palestinians: Mitt Romney offended Pelestinians by suggesting that “culture” explained why Israelis were more successful.




Fraud threat to solar panel maker: Suntech of China finds German bonds it used as collateral may not exist.


Alibaba nearly ready to escape from Yahoo: E-commerce giant plans to use new financing to buy back a 20% stake.


South Korean ad agency purchases McKinney: Deal brings U.S. unit into cheil Worldwide’s quest for global network.


Honda profit quardruples in recovery from disasters



WSJを真面目に読む July 31, 2012 (番外編)

また出張でクアラルンプールです。入手できたInternational Herald TribuneでWSJに代替します。字が小さくてとても読みにくい。大きくするだけで読者が増えるとおもいますがどうでしょうか。




Uruguay considers marijuana monopoly


Legalizing and regulating not just drug use, but also drug transport-perhaps with large customs fees for bulk shipments?


Bold strategy for growth in Japan leaves blanks to fill: Plan calls for $1 trillion in new industry but skirts socially sensitive issues

 日経で一面に取り上げられなかった「日本再生戦略」。International Herald Tribuneでは一面で取り上げてくれました。ありがとう。IHT! 記事の中では新味はないとバッサリ。

Rallying cry in Syria is increasingly religious: Fighters are adopting Islamist agenda that attracts foreign financing



【見出し】Business Asiaの見出しから

A West Bank future bypassing checkpoint: Israel serves as a model, and as a consumer, for growing technology hub. A sector that has no borders. You just need electricity and a telephone line.


Cheap Chinese knockoffs threaten Venice’s artisan culture: A Senegalese venderin Venice selling copies of designer handbags that were made in China. It is estimated that a typical vendor might make from $125 to $185 a day.

  Knockoff: 偽物、模造品


Congenial guide for Time in digital era: A sagging empire’s chief moves to tap into its vast trove of customer data. Laura Lang in her 34th-floor corner office in New York Times Inc’s first female chief executive has homed in on the transition to mobile devices and the customizing of ads for marketers. In an industry, full of egos, Time Inc. needed a boss who could mix well with big personalities.

  Congenial: 愛想が良い、しっくりいく、ウマがあう、

 伝統あるNY Timesを変えようと奮闘する初の女性社長についての長文記事。何事もうるさい人たちを上手く押さえこみ同意を得ながら変化を進めるにはcongenialなやり方が必要という内容。


WSJを真面目に読む July 27-29, 2012




Exits may narrow Nomura focus: Koji Nagai, incoming chief executive of Nomura Holdings, pauses during a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday. “We are not lowering our global flag,” he said, but added, “We want to select and focus businesses drastically.”

              Not lowering our flag: 掲げた旗を降ろさない

    Select and focus: 選択と集中

Bo Xilai’s wife is charged with murder

European crisis hits profits around the globe



China denies its choppers used U.S. technology

Chinese military officials denied Thursday that they used technology from an arm of United Technologies Corp to build an attack helicopter, saying the allegation is “seriously inconsistent with the facts.”


こんな話は知りませんでした。2002年から2003年に亘り輸出を禁止されていた軍事技術をUTCの子会社であるPratt & Whitney Canada社が中国に輸出。その技術をベースに中国は攻撃ヘリコプターZ-10を作ったというもの。UTCは違反を認め$75 millionの罰金を支払ったという内容。




ECB data underline Euro-zone split

Doing the splits: Lending to private sector, excluding banks, year to date change

France +1.1% Germany+0.6% Euro zone+0.2% Italy+0.1% Spain-1.7% Greece-3.3%






Frase & Neave breakup looms

Analysts expect split of beer, property and publishing assets if Heineken deal succeeds

              Loom: 姿を現す。ヌッと現れる(二度目)





It isn’t gold; it is an Olympic trinket

A girl reaches for an iteration of Wenlock, one of the one-eyed Games mascots.

              Trinket: つまらないもの。小物

            Iteration: 繰り返し





WSJを真面目に読む July 26, 2012


China shifts course, lets Yuan drop
In India, dreaming of a 4G world
For winners, losing a medal is a personal bust

Former Philippine president out on bail

Fed moves closer to efforts to stimulate economy
Signs of a slump in recent months: Job growth has been sluggish, and consumers are spending less, and forecast growth is meager.

Divorce’s guide to marriage
Research study tracks couples who split up for the best ways to stay together.
1. Boost your spouse’s mood
2. Talk more about money
3. Get over the past
4. Blame the relationship
5. Reveal more about yourself
特にありません。トルストイの名言、「幸福な家庭の顔はお互い似かよっているが、 不幸な家庭の顔はどれもこれも違っている。」を思いだしました。

Lies, dammed lies, and China economic statistics
The main problem with the Chinese data always has been meddling local officials massaging up the growth numbers for their match.
Volts don’t lie.
China’s electricity production and GDP growth, from a year earlier.