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Exits may narrow Nomura focus: Koji Nagai, incoming chief executive of Nomura Holdings, pauses during a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday. “We are not lowering our global flag,” he said, but added, “We want to select and focus businesses drastically.”

              Not lowering our flag: 掲げた旗を降ろさない

    Select and focus: 選択と集中

Bo Xilai’s wife is charged with murder

European crisis hits profits around the globe



China denies its choppers used U.S. technology

Chinese military officials denied Thursday that they used technology from an arm of United Technologies Corp to build an attack helicopter, saying the allegation is “seriously inconsistent with the facts.”


こんな話は知りませんでした。2002年から2003年に亘り輸出を禁止されていた軍事技術をUTCの子会社であるPratt & Whitney Canada社が中国に輸出。その技術をベースに中国は攻撃ヘリコプターZ-10を作ったというもの。UTCは違反を認め$75 millionの罰金を支払ったという内容。




ECB data underline Euro-zone split

Doing the splits: Lending to private sector, excluding banks, year to date change

France +1.1% Germany+0.6% Euro zone+0.2% Italy+0.1% Spain-1.7% Greece-3.3%






Frase & Neave breakup looms

Analysts expect split of beer, property and publishing assets if Heineken deal succeeds

              Loom: 姿を現す。ヌッと現れる(二度目)





It isn’t gold; it is an Olympic trinket

A girl reaches for an iteration of Wenlock, one of the one-eyed Games mascots.

              Trinket: つまらないもの。小物

            Iteration: 繰り返し





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China shifts course, lets Yuan drop
In India, dreaming of a 4G world
For winners, losing a medal is a personal bust

Former Philippine president out on bail

Fed moves closer to efforts to stimulate economy
Signs of a slump in recent months: Job growth has been sluggish, and consumers are spending less, and forecast growth is meager.

Divorce’s guide to marriage
Research study tracks couples who split up for the best ways to stay together.
1. Boost your spouse’s mood
2. Talk more about money
3. Get over the past
4. Blame the relationship
5. Reveal more about yourself
特にありません。トルストイの名言、「幸福な家庭の顔はお互い似かよっているが、 不幸な家庭の顔はどれもこれも違っている。」を思いだしました。

Lies, dammed lies, and China economic statistics
The main problem with the Chinese data always has been meddling local officials massaging up the growth numbers for their match.
Volts don’t lie.
China’s electricity production and GDP growth, from a year earlier.


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Tech giants’ patents go on trial

Samsung Electronics Co. recently leapfrogged Apple Inc. as the world’s largest seller of smartphones.

In Silicon Valley, patents go on trial

Also on trial: A judge’s worldview

Apple will argue that Samsung got to the top by copying Apple. Samsung will likely say Apple’s designs are not as unique as the company says.

What’s on the line

A jury’s decision in the pending case between Apple and Samsung could shape the future of mobile devices and technology patents. What to watch should the dispute go to trial as expected next week:

/ Keeping it simple: Can the two lead attorneys in the case keep things simple enough to persuade a jury?

/ What had it first?: Apple claims Samsung ripped off patents on Apple’s designs. Samsung says Apple’s patents are bogus because others actually beat Apple to many of its ideas.

/ Who pays what?: Will either company be ordered to take products off the shelf?

/ Next effects: A final judgment could spur settlements between sparring technology companies around the world.

Wanted: Temp attorneys with language skills

leapfrog: 飛び越す

bogus: インチキ

spar: 言い争う、喧嘩する





Banks step up job cuts in Asia

Global investment banks are ramping up their job cuts in Asia as the slowing economy, weak trading and stiff competition undercut the growth expectations they had for the region.

ramp up: 増やす



ここで言及されているのは、Credit Suisse Group, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Goldman Sacks, Morgan Stanley. 日本の金融機関は間隙をぬって事業を拡大する機会と思われるが上手くいくかな―。



The Yankees provides Ichiro with a last shot at a ring



With the surprising trade of Ichiro Suzuki to New York Yankees, the first Japanese position player to make the jump to the Major Leagues now has a shot at filling the one hole on his likely Hall of Fame resume: the lack of a World Series tittle.




How tables have turned: Japan’s debt as safe bet







Bystander’s View on Japan, July 24, 2012


Malaysia is picked up as one of the BEST TARGET COUNTRIES for securities investment. 

Nikkei Veritas weekly magazine picked up promising investment target countries to Japanese institutional and retail investors.Malaysia is ranked 10th. The top ten countries are              Ranked 1st          China              2nd                       Peru, Kuwait              4th                        Nigeria              5th                        Chile, Indonesia, Khuzestan              8th                        Philippines, Korea              10th                      MALAYSIA, Columbia, India, Russia, Egypt 

The article ranked countries buy using 5 yardsticks. Giving points from 5 (Top) to 1 (bottom).Yardsticks and Comparison of Malaysia with China, Indonesia, are as follows.                                                        Malaysia              China     IndonesiaGrowth Potential,                 3                       5            4Stability                                5                       5            3Fiscal Soundness,              1                       4            4Economic Autonomy,          1                       5            4Business Environment         5                       2            2 

One particularly good thing about Malaysia is that the country offers the lowest risk while it  gives good returns. 

MARKETS                     July 20      %Change    NIKKEI      8669.87      -0.62    TOPIX         733.82      -1.67 

TSE has been having very thin trade volume for several weeks. Hot summer has come, but market is cooling. 

. ECONOMYGenerally speaking, sentiment is better on Japanese economy. People may spend more during summer holidays. The year’s recruitment of newly grads from universities will be improved, according to Nikkei Newspaper.Although China slowdown may be the risk factor, Japanese economic performance must be better than other developed economies.Comparing to Taiwan and Korea, Japan will less vulnerable to the European and American recessionary situation. POLITICSNow, the ruling DPJ was split because a group led by Mr. Ozawa said SAYONARA to PM Noda. Ozawa decides his party name, Kokumin no kurashiga ichiban. It literally means “People’s Livelihoods First,” which is regarded as joke by many Japanese voters. Political situation becomes very fluid. Japan does not have time to waste in playing musical chairs. Only solution will be a general election to decide undecided issues.

Many political analysts are saying the general election is inevitable in September 2012.



WSJを真面目に読む July 24, 2012





Cnooc’s big foray abroad

Deal could help China secure oil and gas supplies

forey: 急襲

Cnooc: China National Offshore Oil Corp

Cnooc Ltd. Unveiled what would be China’s biggest foreign acquisition yet, as the Beijing –controlled oil company on Monday said it struck a $15.1 billion block-buster deal to acquire Canadian energy producer Nexen Inc.





Multinationals bank on Indonesia’s poor

For multinational corporations including Nestle SA. Carrefour SA and uniliver PLC, somebody like Rohani, a 55-year-old maid in Indonesia who makes $55 a month, can be a good customer.


見出しを読むと多国籍企業が貧しい人を食い物にしているという記事の印象だが、内容はそんなことはない。The bottom of the pyramid へのマーケティング戦略の重要性が述べられた記事。



Kirin weighs battle over beer

Bid for Asia Pacific Breweries is possible after Heineken’s offer for its partner’s stake


ハイネケンによるAPBに出資しているFraser & Nerveという会社の株式取得報道を受け、キリンがAPB(タイガービールの販売権を持つ)の買収を考えているのでは、という報道記事。どうなりますかね。競争してビッドしていくのって日本の企業は上手ではないからなー。



RIM’s top investor shows confidence

RIM disclosed Monday that Prem Watsa, through his Canadian investment firm Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd, now owns just under 10% of the company’s shares….


RIMに逆張りしている人がいると言うから誰かと思ったら、Fairfaxの総帥、Prem Watsa.




Julius Baer in pact with Bank of China

Julius Baer Group AG entered a strategic partnership with bank of China Ltd., to mutually cross-refer clients, giving the Swiss wealth-management firm access to one of the world’s fastest-growing market.






Yuan’s depreciation is a drug for U.S. blue chips