WSJを真面目に読む July 27-29, 2012




Exits may narrow Nomura focus: Koji Nagai, incoming chief executive of Nomura Holdings, pauses during a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday. “We are not lowering our global flag,” he said, but added, “We want to select and focus businesses drastically.”

              Not lowering our flag: 掲げた旗を降ろさない

    Select and focus: 選択と集中

Bo Xilai’s wife is charged with murder

European crisis hits profits around the globe



China denies its choppers used U.S. technology

Chinese military officials denied Thursday that they used technology from an arm of United Technologies Corp to build an attack helicopter, saying the allegation is “seriously inconsistent with the facts.”


こんな話は知りませんでした。2002年から2003年に亘り輸出を禁止されていた軍事技術をUTCの子会社であるPratt & Whitney Canada社が中国に輸出。その技術をベースに中国は攻撃ヘリコプターZ-10を作ったというもの。UTCは違反を認め$75 millionの罰金を支払ったという内容。




ECB data underline Euro-zone split

Doing the splits: Lending to private sector, excluding banks, year to date change

France +1.1% Germany+0.6% Euro zone+0.2% Italy+0.1% Spain-1.7% Greece-3.3%






Frase & Neave breakup looms

Analysts expect split of beer, property and publishing assets if Heineken deal succeeds

              Loom: 姿を現す。ヌッと現れる(二度目)





It isn’t gold; it is an Olympic trinket

A girl reaches for an iteration of Wenlock, one of the one-eyed Games mascots.

              Trinket: つまらないもの。小物

            Iteration: 繰り返し