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Tech giants’ patents go on trial

Samsung Electronics Co. recently leapfrogged Apple Inc. as the world’s largest seller of smartphones.

In Silicon Valley, patents go on trial

Also on trial: A judge’s worldview

Apple will argue that Samsung got to the top by copying Apple. Samsung will likely say Apple’s designs are not as unique as the company says.

What’s on the line

A jury’s decision in the pending case between Apple and Samsung could shape the future of mobile devices and technology patents. What to watch should the dispute go to trial as expected next week:

/ Keeping it simple: Can the two lead attorneys in the case keep things simple enough to persuade a jury?

/ What had it first?: Apple claims Samsung ripped off patents on Apple’s designs. Samsung says Apple’s patents are bogus because others actually beat Apple to many of its ideas.

/ Who pays what?: Will either company be ordered to take products off the shelf?

/ Next effects: A final judgment could spur settlements between sparring technology companies around the world.

Wanted: Temp attorneys with language skills

leapfrog: 飛び越す

bogus: インチキ

spar: 言い争う、喧嘩する





Banks step up job cuts in Asia

Global investment banks are ramping up their job cuts in Asia as the slowing economy, weak trading and stiff competition undercut the growth expectations they had for the region.

ramp up: 増やす



ここで言及されているのは、Credit Suisse Group, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Goldman Sacks, Morgan Stanley. 日本の金融機関は間隙をぬって事業を拡大する機会と思われるが上手くいくかな―。



The Yankees provides Ichiro with a last shot at a ring



With the surprising trade of Ichiro Suzuki to New York Yankees, the first Japanese position player to make the jump to the Major Leagues now has a shot at filling the one hole on his likely Hall of Fame resume: the lack of a World Series tittle.




How tables have turned: Japan’s debt as safe bet







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Cnooc’s big foray abroad

Deal could help China secure oil and gas supplies

forey: 急襲

Cnooc: China National Offshore Oil Corp

Cnooc Ltd. Unveiled what would be China’s biggest foreign acquisition yet, as the Beijing –controlled oil company on Monday said it struck a $15.1 billion block-buster deal to acquire Canadian energy producer Nexen Inc.





Multinationals bank on Indonesia’s poor

For multinational corporations including Nestle SA. Carrefour SA and uniliver PLC, somebody like Rohani, a 55-year-old maid in Indonesia who makes $55 a month, can be a good customer.


見出しを読むと多国籍企業が貧しい人を食い物にしているという記事の印象だが、内容はそんなことはない。The bottom of the pyramid へのマーケティング戦略の重要性が述べられた記事。



Kirin weighs battle over beer

Bid for Asia Pacific Breweries is possible after Heineken’s offer for its partner’s stake


ハイネケンによるAPBに出資しているFraser & Nerveという会社の株式取得報道を受け、キリンがAPB(タイガービールの販売権を持つ)の買収を考えているのでは、という報道記事。どうなりますかね。競争してビッドしていくのって日本の企業は上手ではないからなー。



RIM’s top investor shows confidence

RIM disclosed Monday that Prem Watsa, through his Canadian investment firm Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd, now owns just under 10% of the company’s shares….


RIMに逆張りしている人がいると言うから誰かと思ったら、Fairfaxの総帥、Prem Watsa.




Julius Baer in pact with Bank of China

Julius Baer Group AG entered a strategic partnership with bank of China Ltd., to mutually cross-refer clients, giving the Swiss wealth-management firm access to one of the world’s fastest-growing market.






Yuan’s depreciation is a drug for U.S. blue chips






WSJを真面目に読む July 20-22, 2012




Tech investment spills into Malaysia’s Penang

….Then Penang’s true nature reveals itself. Hanger after hanger at the bustling airport is decked out in the liveries of shipping companies DHL International, United Parcel Services and FedEx Corp., each dedicated to flying out boxes fof LED displays, chipsets and other sophisticated electronics.


hanger: ここでは格納庫の意味。洋服を吊るすハンガーも同じ。飢えはhunger

livery: ここでは機体のカラーリング。よくつかわれるのは制服の意味。





Muslim world marks begging of Ramadan

An Indonesian student reads the Quran during an event at the start of Islam’s holy month. Sugar prices jumped ahead of Ramadan as observers often eat sweet treats after fasting all day.


Sugar rushes higher on Ramadan, rains

Sugar prices have rallied because buying ahead of Ramadan this year coincided with a disappointing start to Brazil’s harvest.






Nokia loses mobile lead amid bad call on phones

Corporate culture lavished funds on R&D but squandered chances to bring innovations to market.

Former Nokia designer Frank Nuovo says Nokia had prototypes that anticipated the iPhone. “I was heartbroken when Apple got the jump on the concept.”

lavish: 気前よく使う、浪費する

squander: 逃す、逸する

2007年に世界の携帯電話市場の42%を押さえトップ企業だったノキアは、2012年第一四半期は21%のシェアにとどまり、14年続いた世界一位の座をサムソンに譲った。以前ノキアのチーフデザイナーだったFrank Nuovo氏によれば、同氏は、iPhoneが発表されるはるか以前から試作品を作っていたという。



GEJack Welchは業界12位に入れない業界では競争しないという至言をはいたが、





Clampdown in China on corporate sleuthing

Even as the latest doubts over accounting at a Chinese company sent investors fleeing from its shares, investors who specialize in ferreting out dodgy businesses say that a crackdown by Beijing is making their work more difficult and in some cases dangerous.

clampdown: 取り締まり

sleuthing: (犯罪などの)調査

ferret out~: ~を捜しだす

dodgy: 危険な





Risks rise for Australian banks

Shares in Australia’s major banks are on the tear.

on the tear: ばか騒ぎする





WSJを真面目に読む July 18, 2012

マレーシアの投資信託会社でAMBというのがある。 この会社は私の勤務するPNBの子会社であり、外国人や機関投資家が購入できるマレーシアの投資信託を運営している。すぐれた運用成績を誇るファンドがいくつかあり、日本の投資家の皆さんに何とか提供できればと考えている。真夏日に都内を二日間動き回り汗をかきました。




1.    Probe faults HSBC over laundering





”HSBC has fallen short of our own expectations and the expectations of the regulators.” こうしたシャーシャーとした良いかたは欧米人特有。

2.    Goldman’s profit slips: Firm builds private bank

第二四半期の収益が前年比11%低下したと言う記事。M&ATradingへの依存からの脱却を目指し、Private bankを設立する計画と言う。


記事の中には何も言及無かったが、Goldman Sacks Asset Management (GSAM)との棲み分けはどうするつもりだろうか。

3.    Bernanke strikes negative tone

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who testified before Congress on Tuesday, said that central bank officials were prepared to take additional action, but he refrained from being specific. “We haven’t really come to a specific choice at this point,” he said.


記事の内容は日経等にも報道されているもの。ハイライトした言い方は良いですね。物事の詳細を述べたくないときに I would like to refrain from being specific. とか使えそう。

4.    China convicts 18 of money smuggling




Yuan worry fading, U.S. executives says

Concerns over China’s currency is fading and shouldn’t be the top priority of a new U.S. administration, Thomas Donohue president of the U.S..Chamber of Commerce, said Tuesday.

…he is very concerned about rising protectionist sentiment in the U.S.





Myanmar set to pass investment law soon

Myanmar’s parliament is expected to approve a foreign-investment law by the end of July, a senior government official said, as the resource-rich nation seeks more investment to pull its people out of poverty.





Inside Canada, China expands its footprint

Chinese companies once were happy to let Canadians and Americans represent them here. No longer.






The toughest challenger to the iPad

The Google Now screen shows data relevant to you and your location-like weather, traffic and a calendar appointment

Google Nexus 7’s My Library home screen shows a user’s recent media content

この記事は、グーグルの新製品、Nexus 7iPadへの最大の脅威だと言っている。値段が安い$199. 小型で操作性に優れる。





WSJを真面目に読む July 13-15, 2012

金曜は出張で仙台へ。東京都変わらず暑かったですね。It’s hot. I’m melting.とか They must hunger in frost that will not work in heat. といった表現を思い出しました。 暑さだけでなく、復興のハブ都市としての熱さも感じました。




Asia moves to thwart slowdown


First, it was a slowdown in exports. Now Asian economies are feeling the global economic malaise closer to home, as consumers and businesses cut back on spending.


thwart: 阻む、阻止する





With Aegis, Dentsu looks beyond its home market


…Japanese advertising giant Dentsu Inc. said Thursday it had agreed to buy U.K. media firm Aegis Group PLC for about $5 billion….Emphasizing the depth of Dentus’s pocket, the company said it will pay 240 pence ($3.72) for each Aegis share, a premium of 48% to Wednesday’s closing price of 162.2 pence.


買収後の多国籍企業文化を上手く経営できるのか心配。価格はかなり売り手にとって良い、と言う感じの記事だが、48%のプレミアムそれ自体は(会社の内容は知らないで言ってますが)まあ妥当ではないかと思われる。最大の株主はVincent Bolloreというフランス人だそうだ。

それにしても、世界中に大きな広告宣伝会社はあるんですね。買収後の電通は世界5位。WPP PLC (UK), Ominicom Group (USA), Publicis Group (France), Interpublic Group of Cos. (US) らが電通の上にいる。  



Ominous signs for Europe’s car sector


Ominous: 不吉な、悪い前兆 ominous clouds とか be ominous for ~


二つの事象が取り上げられている。一つはPSA Peugeot-Citroenのフランス国内での工場閉鎖とそれに伴う8000人の解雇。もうひとつはGM欧州での社長の解雇。


Tuvalu’s one-stop shipping shop for Teheran


Too often, one man’s sanctions become another man’s windfall. So it is with Iran sanctions and the miniscule Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, to which Iran’s main oil tanker company, NITC, has just reflagged roughly half of its fleet.


Tuvalu: ツバルです。国名は知ってると思うけどスペリング覚えましょうね。TU-VA-LU  miniscule: 微小な






Problems dogged Peregrine executive: Business woes, erratic moves coming to light


The 64-year-old future-industry veteran attempted suicide Monday, triggering the collapse of his commodity-brokerage firm and an investigation into $215 million of allegedly missing client money.

Trevor Cook placed funds with PFGBest while running a Ponzi scheme.

Traders blast America’s regulators.

On Jan 25, the CFTC said its spot check of 70 futures commission merchants, including Peregrine, shoed all ‘were in compliance with the segregation…requirement.’


dog: 追いかける、悩ませる

peregrine: 社名がPeregrine,通常はperegrine falconでハヤブサのことですね。ただperegrineには形容詞としては、放浪性のという意味もあるので掛け言葉として使用か?

woe: 苦悩、苦痛

allegedly~: ~と言うことだと言われている

 a Ponzi scheme: ネズミ講詐欺

blast: 爆弾で破壊する。こんな風に使うんですね。


CFTC: Commodity Futures Trading Commission商品先物取引委員会はSECFRDより監督が緩いと言われている。