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大学卒業以来ほとんど会う機会がなかった友人3名で集う。有朋自遠方来不亦楽乎 少し話をすれば一度に37年の時間差がうまる。人生いろいろ、なれど、友人は大切。



Chinese trial has echoes of dark past.

              When Gu Kailai-the wife of a disgraced Chinese politician-walks into a courtroom here on Thursday, it will recall the trial of another once-powerful woman, more than a quarter-century ago-and a watershed moment in China’s modern history.



U.K. bank reputations take hit.

              Is something rotten in the City of London?

              サブプライムを比較的無傷で乗り越えた、Barclays, HSBC, Standard Charteredのいずれもがスキャンダルまみれになっていると言う記事。


Monti talks tough to save Euro.

              During an all-night European summit in June, Mario Monti, the Italian prime minister, gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel an unexpected ultimatum.



Business & Finance

Dream works heads to Shanghai.

              DreamWorks Animation SFG Inc., looking to boost its presence in a fast- growing market, signed deals with Chinese partners to build a $350 million movie studio in Shanghai and help design an entertainment complex meant to capitalize on the success in China of its “Kung Fu Panda” film franchise.


In China’s power Nexus, a redemption tale.

              Liu Minghui’s battle to clear his name and save his business, a fight that pitted him against some of the most powerful forces in China, began the day of his company’s Christmas party in 2010.


Allegations may tarnish U.S. bank’s clean image.

              Last week, Standard Chartered PLC, Chief Executive Peter Sands told analysts that “our culture and values are our first and last line of defense.